Upcoming: Oct. ‘19 Halloween themed group exhibit, MF Gallery, NYC

8/3/19-closing, Rocky Horror Picture Show themed group exhibit, MF Gallery, NYC


8/18 ~ 15th Anniversary group show at MF Gallery Brooklyn

12/17- Mini Trading card Art Show, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

10/17- MF Gallery's annual Halloween group exhibit, Brooklyn, NY

8/17- ‘The Legendary William Shatner’ group exhibit, The Convent, Philadelphia, PA and (7/17) Gristle Gallery, NY (traveling show)

9/16– ‘The Star Trek Show’ Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

3/15- 'Girls of the Underground' MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

7/14- 'The Bees Knees' Alexi Era Gallery, St.Louis, MO

5/14- 'All Hail GWAR' MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2/14- ‘Valentine's show’ ViolaBox Art Gallery, Genova, Italy

11/13- 'Good Times' Black Vulture Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

6/13- 10th Anniversary Group Show, MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

6/12- 'Estate Genovese' MF Gallery, Genova, Italy

5/12- 'See you in Hell 2' MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2/11- Solo exhibit - Live Fast, NYC

5/10- 'I need your skull' MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY and 9/10 Genova, Italy

12/09- 'Naughty Not Nice' Gem Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

11/09- Fangoria Presents 'Return of the Living Decks' Ave A, NYC

8/09- 'Kings of Pop' Ave A, NYC

3/07- Antagonists Group show, Niagara, NYC

Other miscellaneous shows